Hoisting Albert on to the St Ola.
The PTO handwritten note reads: “Boat sailing from Stromness/Aberdeen on Wednesdays 12 Passengers only (1st Class). Ship fully booked with round trippers.” I remember being particularly worried about the weighbridge requirement! Photo below shows said van “Albert” being hoisted terrifyingly into hold of the Ola.
Kirkwall. Pipe band from Hotel window Wyre. 6 July Deerness. Birmingham dig at Skaill. Deerness looking east Rousay. 6 July Rousay. Midhowe 6 July Birsay. 20 July Deerness sunset Brough of Birsay. 20 July Deerness. Noust at Skaill Deerness at the Shell garage < < <
Some slides from 1970 The picture quality varies depending on the type of film used. Agfa kept the colour better than Fuji, and of course the Orkney weather can vary tremendously between shots. Click on first, then choose slideshow option.
Wyre 6 July Deerness. Swimming at Newark Bay Yesnaby lunch break. 13 July Deerness looking south west Deerness Co-op bills
Diggers’ diet. Four of many saved Co-op bills. I recall lots of sardine sandwiches, digestive biscuits and treacle tarts.