I’d always been a bit doubtful about the apparently well-accepted birthplace of Borden in Kent for my 3x great grandmother Hannah Copping, as in each census she appears in she says she was born in Margate. So when two DNA matches on Ancestry led me back to a Susannah Copping born in Margate in 1791 I thought I’d look again at Hannah and found her baptism under the surname Cuppen - one of the less likely versions of the surname in the register. Born on the 24th November 1789 and baptised on the 12th of January 1790, her parents, like Susannah’s, were Thomas and Mary; and there was another sister, Elizabeth, born in 1787. Hannah’s birthdate now matches her ages in the censuses and her age when she died in December 1861. Another DNA match points to another sister, Ann, who was born in Ickham in 1786, and who married John Holmans in Sandwich in 1805. Hannah married the widowed William Milleman in Margate in 1812. Her sisters also married in the town: Susannah to William Solley in 1817 and Elizabeth to John Pointer in 1816. Before she married John Pointer, Elizabeth had an illegitimate daughter Mary Burley Coppin born in Faversham in 1810; when this Mary married William Savin in Margate in 1838 her father’s surname has been corrupted to Berby, but she does give his name as David Berby, a mariner, on the marriage certificate. This cleared up another mystery: Mary Berby Savin is a witness at the marriage of Charles Henry Murray and Caroline Augusta Milleman (William and Hannah’s daughter) in Margate in 1841; as Elizabeth’s daughter she is Caroline’s cousin. Who were the original Thomas and Mary Copping who had the three daughters in Margate? They both died in Margate, Mary in 1833 and Thomas in 1836, and their ages in the burial register put both their births in 1761. Ancestry would suggest that they are the Thomas Copping and Mary Stannard (Stanred) who married in Adisham on the 21st November 1785; according to the family trees here Thomas was born in Barfreston, and Mary in Ash.
Murray families: The Copping family of Margate